Translation Services

By professional native translators, with adequate knowledge of the subject and target audience. Assured high quality and accuracy within committed timelines.

We provide professional translation services of unrivaled efficiency and quality by equipping top calibre human translators with innovative digital and CAT tools.

We offer translations to over 130 world languages and regularly serve a wide range of domains and industries. From marketing material to general documents to highly specialised technical texts, we have the experience and resources to powerfully and effectively translate all forms of material.

Our areas of expertise include;

  • General Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Financial Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • E-learning
  • Website & Software Localisation
We assure;

  • 100% Native, Human Translation
  • Clear Up-front Prices
  • Better Quality, High Accuracy
  • Quick Turn-Around

Project Managers
From understanding our client's requirements and developing a customised workflow to identifying the right resources for the job and coordinating between various teams, Project Managers play a key role in delivering quality translations within specified timeframe.

Localisation Engineers
Localisation Engineers prepare the sources files so that translators can focus on accurately conveying the content's meaning. The localisation engineers also manage the finalisation and packaging into the appropriate final format, whether it be a document, website, app, or other content type.

Our Languages
We specialise in all the major commercial Indian and International languages. We also welcome queries for translation to and from rare languages.