Software Localisation Services

Developing locally relevant user experience to maximise the impact of your product, software, or application on each regional user base.

Localisation is the process of making your application suitable for a specific language, region and culture. It goes beyond translation of text and calls for the contextualisation of your message within the particular idioms and conventions of your target audience. The more locally relevant and relatable your content is, the greater its impact will be on your audience and users.

Software needs to be adapted for dealing with:

  • Currency and accounting standards
  • Double-byte characters used in Japanese, Chinese and Korean
  • Right-to-left writing systems like Arabic, Hebrew, or Farsi
  • Culture-dependent icons and color schemes
  • Sorting algorithms for non-Roman character sets
  • Enabling various input methods
  • Locale-dependent variations, such as date formats (dd-mm-yyyy vs. mm-dd-yyyy), calendar systems (e.g., Japanese use an Imperial Calendar, Muslim and Hebrew calendars are based on lunar months), currency, address formats, etc.
But before you can localize your app, you need to internationalize it. Internationalization is the process of making your software ready to adapt to different languages, regions, and cultures.


Internationalisation (i18n) is the process of preparing and standardising a product so that it can easily be localised and adapted to any desired language. This can include updating the code to easily accommodate different language bundles, as well as adding the option to easily replace images, icons, currency/date/time formats.

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